Tax Experts
for New Immigrants

Your first year to a new country must undoubtedly be hard.  At Mercury Tax, our tax experts will make your tax filing smooth and easy. With our in-house tax experts, we will make sure to get you the maximum tax rebate.


Our Tax experts worked with 1,000's of clients who are new to Canada. We will ensure it is as easy as possible for you.


Taxes are not always bad. We will walk you through all the benefits you can receive.


All you need to do is bring your required documents to file your taxes, leave the rest to our tax experts.

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Do I need to
File a Tax Return

If you are considered a resident of Canada, it is mandatory that you file your tax return. Even if you were only considered a resident of Canada for the partial year. In some scenarios, you might have to file your taxes even if you are not considered a resident of Canada. To be safe, speak to one of our tax experts to help make the right choice.

Benefits of
Filing a Tax Return

Filing taxes doesn’t need to be painful, let our tax experts help you. There are a lot of benefits that come with filing your tax returns. Here is a quick glance at the benefits:

  • Could receive returns such as Harmonized Sales Tax and Goods and Services Tax (HST/GST)
  • Could also receive Canada child benefit tax credit
  • Majority of benefits programs are based on your income

Online Income Tax Filing

You can now do all your income tax filing online with us! 

Iphone Income Tax Filing

Looking for a Tax Expert for new immigrants?

Precise Accounting, Low Prices, Maximum Refund, that’s the Mercury Tax Advantage.

Docments required by tax experts to file taxes
What Do I Need to
File my Tax Return
  • Provide personal information such as your name, where you live, income, and marital status.
  • Ensure you have your Social Insurance Number
  • Bring your T4 (T-Slip from your employer)
  • If you have dependents, their information as well
  • Details about expensive assets you brought to Canada
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We have worked with our customers for years. Once you have us fo your tax preparation, you won’t want to leave. We serve over 10,000 clients annually, our numbers speak.

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Precise Filing with Highly Qualified Tax Experts

Mercury tax way is to make sure you get the maximum refund at a low cost! That is the Mercury Tax Advantage!

DISCLAIMER: Kindly note that we will strive hard to complete your tax returns by the deadline but do not
guarantee the completion of the tax returns by June 1st, 2020 for files submitted from now on. We apologize for any inconvenience but it is our commitment to complete the tax returns of our clients whose payments we already received that is preventing us from providing any guarantees for files received from now on
The personal tax filing deadlines now are June 1st. 2020 and the tax payments deadlines are deferred to August 31st, 2020.
We use very convenient, sophisticated and secure technologies to provide deliver tax solutions.
The process is as follows to give us an opportunity to serve you-
  1. Please provide us with your details and documents using our secure link.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgment
  3. We will start the tax return and initiate an interview with you. Due the high volume of internet clients, we will initiate the interview within 24-48 hours. We use highly advanced meeting software that enables us to view, control and record sessions if required.
  4. We sent you the documents that need to be assigned via secure technologies.
  5. We collect fees via email transfer to [email protected]
  6. We transmit your file to CRA as soon as the fees is received
    Personal Tax filing (Single) "$30.00" - Pay now
    Tax filing (Family)/Multiple years "$60.00" - Pay now
The health and safety of our clients, employees and our communities are our highest priority.
* we never share your information with third parties.
As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread in communities across Canada, we have made the difficult but important decision to close In-person appointments and direct Walk-ins.
CRA has extended the deadlines and announced other measures. Please follow the link below to discover more.
We will continue to serve you remotely by means of secure, reliable, fast, advanced and sophisticated technologies.