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Our tax experts will help you get the maximum refund for your taxes. All you have to do is set up an account to do taxes online and submit all your forms! But first, let’s see if you have to do your taxes as an international student.


Employment through a Canadian company is a clear indication you need to file a tax return for both residents and non-residents.

Residency Status

To claim benefits and credit, you must be first considered a resident. There are several factors that depend if you are considered a resident.


Generally, you are a non-resident if you spend less than 183 days (six months) and do not establish residential ties.

Do taxes online for students

How we get
Maximum Refund for Students

At Mercury Tax, we will try to get you the maximum refund as a student. We have created strategies to ensure you get the maximum refund. Some of the techniques we use are:

Tution Tax Credit

  Child Care Deduction

  Student Loan Interest Credit

  Moving Expense Deduction

  Mass Transit Breaks



You can now do all your income tax filing online with us! 

Iphone Income Tax Filing

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Precise Accounting, Low Prices, Maximum Refund, that’s the Mercury Tax Advantage.

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What you can declare for
Tuition Tax Credit

Tuition paid for post-secondary education in both Canada or outside of Canada are eligible for a tax credit. To be qualified, you will have to attend university full-time and the courses have to be working towards a degree.

As of 2017, a tuition tax credit can apply to fees paid for occupational skills courses offered at post-secondary educational institutions in Canada that are not at a post-secondary school level.

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Mercury tax way is to make sure you get the maximum refund at a low cost! That is the Mercury Tax Advantage!

Due to ongoing pandemic and pandemic related restrictions and Federal and Provincial emergency regulations in force and your safety, we are offering convenient, contact less and efficient online tax filing.
We use very convenient, sophisticated and secure technologies to provide deliver tax solutions.
The process is as follows to give us an opportunity to serve you-

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  1. Please complete the client intake form
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  3. We will send an invoice.
  4. Upon payment, we will start the work on your file, and we will call you for interview and finalization of the file. Depending on the complexity of your file. Several interviews by several layers of tax experts may occur. This is necessary to maximize your refund.
  5. We will send you documents to sign.
  6. Upon signature, we will transmit your file to CRA.
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