Our corporate services are handled by a Chartered Accountant. He is also known to be our “Business Accountant”. We pride ourself to be precise and effective to make sure your corporate accounting services are handled without any errors.

Corporate Tax Planning
We will go through an extensive strategic planning to see the best way to structure your business to minimize tax liabilities.
Payroll Setup
Do you have employees? Did you know you have to remit their deductions frequently or you will get charged with late fees? Do not let this danger your business. Mercury taxes will help you set up your payroll accounts and explain to you when and how to remit the deductions so you are not penalized.
Salary and/or Dividend Distribution
Taking money out of your corporation isn't as simple as withdrawing it out the bank or taking money out the cash drawer. There are laws that the government has put in place on how to withdraw money out the corporation and how you will get taxed on it. Mercury Tax will ensure that is very minimal
Income and Capital Tax Minimization
Stop overpaying in taxes. There are a lot if deductibles. Make sure you are taking advantage of all your tax deductible (or "write-offs") to minimize your capital and income tax.
GST/HST Return Filing
GST/HST Return filing has to be filed periodically. Not filing on time can lead to late penalties. See how Mercury Taxes can help set up a system to ensure you are paying your GST/HST Returns in a timely manner.
Year-Round Support on Tax Queries
Have questions about your taxes? We are here all year. Send us an email and we can help you out!
Business Accountant Help with New ideas
Business Accountant Help 1000 Cleints a year
Looking to open
A New Corporation?

Your first consultation will be absolutely free. Our business accountant will discuss what is required to take it from an idea to a business. We will find when it is advantageous to set a year-end and how often you should be filing.  Do not get left behind and have the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) after your inaccuracies.

  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Salary Dividend Distribution
  • Income and Capital Tax Minimization
  • GST/HST Return Filing
  • Payroll Setup
  • Canada/US Cross Boarder Filing
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Year-Round Support on Tax Queries
Canada & United States of America

Cross-Border Tax Filing

Our business accountant, Ganesh, is designated to file taxes in both Canada and the United States of America. Ganesh is a Chartered Accountant. This exposure allows him to help your business do taxes in both Countries.

Canada US crossborder tax filing
DISCLAIMER: Kindly note that we will strive hard to complete your tax returns by the deadline but do not
guarantee the completion of the tax returns by June 1st, 2020 for files submitted from now on. We apologize for any inconvenience but it is our commitment to complete the tax returns of our clients whose payments we already received that is preventing us from providing any guarantees for files received from now on
The personal tax filing deadlines now are June 1st. 2020 and the tax payments deadlines are deferred to August 31st, 2020.
We use very convenient, sophisticated and secure technologies to provide deliver tax solutions.
The process is as follows to give us an opportunity to serve you-
  1. Please provide us with your details and documents using our secure link.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgment
  3. We will start the tax return and initiate an interview with you. Due the high volume of internet clients, we will initiate the interview within 24-48 hours. We use highly advanced meeting software that enables us to view, control and record sessions if required.
  4. We sent you the documents that need to be assigned via secure technologies.
  5. We collect fees via email transfer to [email protected]
  6. We transmit your file to CRA as soon as the fees is received
    Personal Tax filing (Single) "$30.00" - Pay now
    Tax filing (Family)/Multiple years "$60.00" - Pay now
The health and safety of our clients, employees and our communities are our highest priority.
* we never share your information with third parties.
As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread in communities across Canada, we have made the difficult but important decision to close In-person appointments and direct Walk-ins.
CRA has extended the deadlines and announced other measures. Please follow the link below to discover more.
We will continue to serve you remotely by means of secure, reliable, fast, advanced and sophisticated technologies.