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Three Major Tax Credits

Our tax experts will make sure you benefit from all tax credits as a senior citizen. There are more than three tax credits as a senior citizen, but we will start with these three.


To qualify, you must be at least 65 years old. The amount of tax credit depends on your net income.
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Pension Income

Can claim up to $2,000 of tax credits if you receive pension, superannuation or annuity payments.
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Disability Tax Credit

For disability tax credits, you must have a physical or mental impairment for 12 consecutive months.
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Stair Lift to Help Senior Citizens

Home Accessibility Tax Credit

As of 2016, Canada has given tax credits for renovations done to the house to make it more accessible and to help with mobility for senior citizens. You are allowed up to $10,000 worth of expenditures (maximum credit of $1,500).

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Online Income Tax Filing

You can now do all your income tax filing online with us! 

Iphone Income Tax Filing

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Sharing Tax Credits
With Your Spouse

Any unused tax credits from your spouse or common-law that is unused can be transferred to you.

Splitting Pension Income
With Your Spouse

There are two different types of pension income. Depending on the type of pension income, you can split it with your spouse or common-law.

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Due to ongoing pandemic and pandemic related restrictions and Federal and Provincial emergency regulations in force and your safety, we are offering convenient, contact less and efficient online tax filing.
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  4. Upon payment, we will start the work on your file, and we will call you for interview and finalization of the file. Depending on the complexity of your file. Several interviews by several layers of tax experts may occur. This is necessary to maximize your refund.
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  6. Upon signature, we will transmit your file to CRA.
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